...und schon wieder ein 1. Platz

Musicaltheater Duisburg,

Marketing-Preis der Hansestadt Bremen: 3. Platz an die EUMAC

Jugend musiziert Regional champions 2006 in Freiburg: Saskia Dreyer takes the first place.

She never have dreamed of this could happen: in the jury were Frank Buecheler, producer of Buddy Holly and Jekyll and Hyde along with six other expert pairs of eyes who thoroughly appraised her. Nonetheless, Saskia was not moved and went ahead to grab the first position.

We congratulate!!!!

And the Hat trick in Neue Flora, Hamburg

Hat trick for Christina Maria Brenner
EUMAC student who was awarded as the Best Musical singer 2005 by the German Rock and Pop Music Association.

Neue Flora, Hamburg
For the 23rd time, the German Rock and Pop Music association welcomed numerous performances in the fields of Rock, Pop, Beat and Musicals on a Monday evening witrh the ultimate prize being the German Rock and Pop prize.

In the category of Musicals, Christiana Maria Brenner won the first place. For the student of the European Musical Academy (Bremen), this is already her third award this year. Before this, she had already won the Musical Superstar contest and another award from the Big band of the Bundeswehr together with Juliette.

Morever, Christina Maria Brenner also competed in the category for song prize until the final round where she took the third place.

Thomas Blaeschke, the leader of the EUMAC was very pleased with the great succes of his students: In a such a renowned Musical Theater such as the Neuen Flora, to win a prize as the best Musical singer is a already a great thing. Furthermore, the good calibre of our students goes to show that the EUMAC is on the right path.

EUMAC students place themselves in the National finals of the Musical Superstar Contest.

And the winner is.....

Christina Maria Brenner from Kirchen (Rheinland-Pfalz)

She placed herself at the forefront of the Musical Superstar Contest and won the first prize: a part stipend at the EUMAC
The second place went to Saskia Dreyer from Stuhr (Niedersachsen) and Katja Thobe from Bremen: they won ton studio recordings and workshops at the EUMAC
The outstanding third place went to Anne Kathrin Wolff from Torgelow (Meckelnburg-Vorpommern).
We congratulate them! And await the second season in September 2005: Information can be found at www.musical-superstar-contest.de

And the winner is......again......Christina Maria Brenner

Extraordinary success for all three students of the EUMAC at the Talent Academy competition. A first and second place and concerts with the Bigband of the Bundeswehr.

Christina Maria Brenner is also currently making a CD together with the Bigband.