Education- The state recognised Education to become a Musical Artist

The Musical Artsist Education lasts for 3 years and was founded after the Bremer Method, which provides a very high level of practical training (through various Project works and international performances). Already in the first year, students are allowed to take part in various performances and attend several diverse workshops. EUMAC students may sometimes also perform together with the renowned artists from the Bremer Musical Company.

Apart from the courses in the various fields (singing, dancing, acting and corepitition), various seminars are offered to better students in the understanding of Music Theory.
Skills and knowledge gained during the lessons are also further enhanced through workshops or self-initiated student projects.

The EUMAC is a very intensive programme with the workload being about 28-30 hr/week.
Students can also at anytime have additional music lessons and courses at the EUMAC at very affordable rates.