Further training was done with Theo Wiedebusch of the Bremer Theatre. There she worked on the lyrical youth drama Opera repetoire. She has also perforformed extensively in projects including the Soprano group of the Carmina Burana in the Opera house Danzig,
Sopranpartie in "Carmina Burana" im Opernhaus Danzig, numerous song nights in and outside Germany, Rundfunkmitschnitte, master courses with Julia Hamari, Sena Jurinac and Thomas Quasthoff

Since 1997, she has been working as a freelance singing teacher and singer and giving lessons in singing and Interpretation in Bremen, Bayreuth and Toscana. Since 2000, she has also been working regularly as a juror for the "Jugend musiziert". She has been serving as a singing teacher fort he EUMAC in Bremen since autumn, 2005. Her CDs include:

"Und sie komponieren doch" (Werke von Komponistinnen)

Richard McCowen

Richard McCowen was born in Oxnard, California (USA).