The EUMAC - European Musical Academy

Would you like to be a musical star some day?
Would you go to any length to get the best possible training to become a musical star?
Would you like to get a highly professional training while having fun at the same time?

What exactly is the EUMAC?

Located in Bremen, the European Musical Academy, or for short, EUMAC, is a private Musical School for young people that provides them with the possibility to learn under the leadership of renowned Musical Artists and to train them to become future Musical Artists themselves.

A detailed offering of the EUMAC includes lessons in singing (one- on- one vocal training and ensemble singing), acting, and dancing. Also on offer are Corepitition lessons where you get the chance to learn how to play various musical instruments.

The so called 'Basis year' allows you to start your education a year in advance. This year also offers the possibility to get a taste of the Musical Business so that you can make an informed decision before you commence the formal musical training.


What is special about the EUMAC?

In contrast to most other schools, our students also get the opportunity to perform at various concerts and events. The many distinguished prizes already won by the instructors and also current students go to prove the high quality of this method of training.

Since when has the EUMAC been in existence and who is responsible for it?

The EUMAC opened its doors on the 1st of September, 2004 and has until now offered the first Basis year. The training is found in three different Studios including the renowned Waldau Theatre in Bremen.

The founder and leader of the EUMAC is the composer Thomas Blaeschke who also started the Bremer Musical Company in 1997. Both the composer and the Bremer Musical Company have won many prizes in Germany and internationally and perform widely all over the world.

The Bremer Musical Company serves as an additional  platform  for performances and careers by future gradates of the EUMAC.